Neohumanism simply stated extends the love of the human heart to embrace the entire creation, including all living beings as well as the inanimate world, as the expression of one consciousness.

Neohumanism thus recognises only the broadest sentiment of universalism, which embraces all the entities of the cosmos, nurturing a universal outlook which transcends caste, creed, colour, race and gender. Recognising social equality leads to the practice of goodwill and service towards others as life principles, as well as the acceptance of the inter-relatedness of all life and the responsible role that human beings play in the universal structure, promoting an awareness of ecology and sustainability in its broadest sense. Recognizing the painful sufferings and deprivations of other entities on the planet, persons following the principle of social equality fight for justice.

Neohumanism presupposes an ongoing loving relationship with the Infinite Consciousness in one's personal life and in collective life through recognising each entity of the cosmos as a manifestation of Infinite Consciousness.