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The Ashram provides an opportunity to dive deeper inside oneself and feel the effects of a regular spiritual practice in daily life. 


The ashram has three buildings which contain a meditation hall, sleeping quarters and accommodations for the occasional guest.

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Short and long term visitors are welcome but should first communicate with us to make arrangements in advance.

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What to Expect

One can experience the Yogic lifestyle by spending time at our Ashram. The daily routine includes regular meditation, yoga asanas, sattvik vegetarian food and spiritual study. We have a collection of books on spirituality, philosophy and social topics. 

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What you will be doing

You will be working side by side with monks and fellow spiritualists on the various daily activities which include cooking, gardening and cleaning. There is also the opportunity for walking through the forest on our hiking trails. 

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What you could Learn

You can learn a system of meditation from one of our teachers or you may practice your own if you already have one. 


Visitors are expected to refrain from smoking, using drugs or alcohol,  or consuming non vegetarian food while on the property. Short and long term visitors are welcome but should first communicate with us to make arrangements in advance. 


Our Monks

Meet our resident Acaryas (monk and spirirutal teacher) from the international yoga organization Path of Bliss

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Dada Rainjitananda

Dada Rainjitananda has been an acarya since 1985. He also is a experienced yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance, USA. He began his acarya work in East Africa managing children's schools and then traveled through Europe teaching yoga and meditation. Since arriving in New York in the year 2000 Dada has taught personal meditation practices to hundreds of people, has lectured in many colleges and has given Webinars (online seminars) in English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. At Ananda Viplava Master Unit Dada is helping to develop our program and retreat center as he continues to lecture and teach meditaiton techniques.

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Dada Ganananthananda

Dada Gananathananda has been an acarya  since 1991. In this role he has managed schools in the Caribbean, done administrative work in our central office in New York City and worked for 14 years running an organic peach farm in Los Angeles, California. He arrived at  Ananda Viplava Master Unit in 2014 where he is developing a new vegetable and fruit farm.

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Dada Shubamayananda

Dada Shubhamayananda has been an acarya  since 1990. He spent 13 years in India and Nepal working on several Master Units. Since then he has been a rector (manager and spiritual guide) at  a Master Unit in Los Angeles, California, helped to develop a school and Master Unit in Odisha, India and ran a silver business. He arrived at Ananda Viplava Master Unit in 2017 and he has become renowned for his fine carpentry skills and delicious vegetarian meals.