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Ananda Viplava is a community that promotes spiritual awaking and service to humanity


The Beginnings 


Ananda Viplava Community was founded in 2012 with the purchase of a 78 acre parcel of fields and forest in the beautiful foothills of the Northern Catskills, in Purling, NY.

The project was envisaged to be a center for spiritual, social and community uplifting embracing the concept of Master Unit conceived by Shrii P.R. Sarkar.

Where We are Today


Today the community has expanded to 84 acres and encompasses a growing organic farm and orchard that supplies residents and visitors with fresh seasonal produce, a mile-long nature trail through forests, fields and wetlands with hidden spots conducive to inner contemplation and an ashram which houses monks and meditation teachers.

We are also developing a retreat and program center which will provide intensive trainings to the public in traditional yogic practices and lifestyle. In addition, programs offered will provide educational, social, cultural and economic alternatives based on the philosophy of of Neohumanism.











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Our mission is to be a place for spiritual awakening that promotes the physical, mental and spiritual upliftment of all beings. The center will serve as a local nexus for global social transformation.


What you will find at Ananda Viplava


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Viplava Center

The Viplava Center hosts and coordinates many of the activities and events of the Ananda Viplava community. We seek to empower individuals desiring personal and social transformation.

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The Ashram serves as the residence for our Yogic monks. You can experience the Yogic lifestyle by spending time at our Ashram.


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The farm has 7 acres under fruit, vegetable and hay cultivation.  All our produce is grown according to Certified Naturally Grown standards.